Product Name: Y01
Views: 909 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2015-12-09

Product parameters:

- Product Name: Y01 - Brand: iydeo - type: Y01 - shell material: plastic
- size: 64x18x64mm - battery capacity: 6000mAh - type: cylindrical shell
- additional features: with multi plug U port output, color: gold cloth edge black linen nouveau riche Wenyin silver white linen silver edge
Battery type: lithium polymer battery
Intelligent and efficient non - filled with super power fully compatible with high - quality polymer core intelligent matching technology, intelligent detection of charging device internal management chip, the identification of the most suitable voltage output current, perfect matching mobile phone, tablet charging
Double safety double material, all aspects of the protection, charging no worries about the safety of polymer batteries, intelligent management and lock. Safe use, never explosion
Does not hurt the smart phone smart speed adjustment is suitable for charging the device's safe current size, the size of the current size of the smart adjust current matching charging device, so that your device has been in the best charge state.
Easy to carry, easy to carry, convenient and easy to carry, emergency, at any time, emergency
Double output charging hidden Micro charging line, charging for the device
Anti loose design will not loose the chain anti loose USB Pro will not loose Oh mobile power interface with the specific design of the charging cable line, anti loose design, not the chain, the product does not affect the bag in the charge of the phone, to prevent contact with bad! Let you charge no worries!