Product Name: Y03
Views: 929 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2015-12-09

Brand name: iydeo

Product parameters:
Product Name: PB060    model: Y03    shell material: Plastic  Size: 93x93x28mm battery capacity: 6400mAh
Electric core type: square aluminum shell with additional functions: multi U port output
Color: blue red white yellow battery capacity: 6001mAh (including -7000mAh) (with)
Output: 5V/2.1A, 5V/1A input: 5V/2A battery: lithium ion polymer battery

Unique and fresh design
Rotation of the open mode design sense
Lead the innovation trend of mobile power
Use imported ABS material, grip comfort

Small round button design
Multi intelligent protection safe and durable
Double layer material, the full range of protection, charging no worries
South Korea SamSung original high quality polymer batteries
Intelligent management and security of lock

Intelligent matching fully compatible
Well equipped with 99% digital products
Intelligent matching technology, intelligent detection charging device internal management chip
Identifying the most suitable current for the voltage output
Perfect matching phone, tablet charging

Speed charging double charge
Fast charge technology
Storage security zero damage
Double USB intelligent frequency dividing technique
Intelligent detection output current size
Perfect to meet the needs of two
Three lamp power display
Logo IYDEO battery indicator
Color bright smart display
Three different colors to display the remaining power
Charge power consumption state in time
Excellence in quality lead
Technology to determine the quality, outstanding and more outstanding
IYDEO designers focus on every detail
Regardless of the quality of the materials used to strive for perfection