Product Name: Y04
Views: 1921 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2015-12-09

Brand name: iydeo

Product parameters:
USB interface number: 2 Brand: iydeo model: Y04 output current: 1A
Specification: 168*27*27 92 g 2600 Ma
Color: black red yellow gold tuhao whether the original original:

[1] mobile power car charger head + car charger +LED flashlight three in one function [2] can be rotated for different positions of the cigarette lighter

[3] LED display lamp to facilitate the tracking of the power of the mobile power [4] built in USB MICRO head charge and discharge at the same time

[5] over the full protection of the FCC CEROHS international certification of the United States in the United States alone pin in the 6

1 security: Samsung issued a security mobile power supply manufacturers certificate intelligent switch design, charging no heat conversion rate of 95%

2 anti scratch: scratch proof and avoid the exquisite craft of not leaving traces

3 pairs of USB connection port intelligent recognition output, charging does not heat, the conversion rate of up to 95%

Using the world's top smart IC technology projects can automatically detect the size of the output port of the perfect combination of various charging end needs

4 LED lighting function

5 fully compatible with high quality polymer core intelligent matching technology, intelligent detection and charging device internal management chip, the identification of the most suitable voltage output current, perfect matching mobile phone, tablet charging

6 side filling and discharge
7 rotating 90 degrees rotating car cigarette lighter head rotating joint design, easy to use car

8 comes with the Micro charge to remove the trouble with the charging line, at any time for your equipment charge

9 escaped, not only charge treasure or safety hammer LED lighting + + charging treasure escape tools